One of the greatest concerns of new home buyers is that they'll make a wrong decision, or they'll end up with a property that requires extensive repairs or problems that need fixing. Pejman Shirzadi is a trained real estate agent who understands the needs and concerns of his clients. PJ will walk you through the entire buying process, taking time to carefully listen to your real estate wish list.  He will present you with options, working in a proactive manner, to enable you to find the property that exactly matches your list of criteria.

Buying your first home should be a rewarding and exciting time in your life, and one that you look back on with fond memories. But this is a huge investment, and you need to be fully prepared and able to ask the right questions, in order to come out on top. Click here to learn more about steps to buying your first home.
Pejman Shirzadi will take an aggressive approach when buying your home. That's why you want to rely on a professional real estate agent such as Pejman Shirzadi to give you the answers to all your vital questions. You need to know everything you can about the home buying process, so that you not only are able to choose a valuable property but can actually get that property at the best price possible!

Pejman Shirzadi's services to buyers Include:

- Search Assistance:
Don't waste your time trying to find your dream home, with his extensive knowledge of MLS, PJ guides his buyers in to making the most of searches with thousands of listings

Financing Assistance:  PJ has the best database in Los Angeles real estate lenders and will help you contact mortgage professionals who have been very helpful to his past clients.

One of your first main steps in buying a home is to consult a mortgage professional. They will be able to tell you the price range in which you should be looking by getting a pre-approved.  This will allow us to find an exact home that matched your budget, there is nothing more disappointing than getting excited over homes you cannot afford. Quickly calculate monthly mortgage payments with our easy-to-use Mortgage Calculator.

Price Negotiations: By analyzing the market data PJ will help formulate an offer price negotiation strategy.

Inspections & Repair Negotiations: 
Once you go into escrow, a Home Inspection will need to be done, once you review the Inspection Report you will have to make a decision:

A. Request for repairs to be done.
B. Request credit through escrow.
C. Request for a reduction in the price.
D. Perform the work yourself
E. Walk away from the property.

PJ can help with property inspections and he is an expert at negotiating for property condition and repairs.

Searching for Your Dream Home?

It’s not easy finding that perfect house. Let Pejman Shirzadi help. He makes it a point to know every property for sale in the area. Just let him know what type of home you’re interested in. Click here and fill out the quick form and he will send you some free information on the home-buying process and how to get started