There are so many things to do to move to a successful sale, and Pejman Shirzadi is here to advise, assist, and assure success. Currently in Los Angeles it is a seller's market.  There is a very low inventory and homes in a good area that come to the market get multiple offers and many times over the asking price.   PJ will make sure that your real estate property is properly evaluated, priced, marketed, negotiated and carried to closing.

If you are considering selling your home, Pejman Shirzadi provides personal attention, creative online marketing and expert negotiation skills to list your home for a smooth and timely sale and closing. Pricing your home properly from the start is the most important factor on how long it will take to sell it. Pricing is very important in today’s housing market. Even though, in many areas inventory is low and it is a sellers’ market  overpriced homes typically stay on the market a long time and sometimes end up not selling at all. Click here to find out more about how to price your home for sale.

When selling a home, it is very important to make sure that the buyers understand what the use of each space is.  The average buyer lacks the ability to envision and the old way of thinking that a blank space will be better so the buyer can imagine their own setting, is wrong. Presenting your home in its best will bring the highest sales price possible and it will reduce your home’s days on market.

PJ has extensive experience in home renovations and interior design.  PJ always works with his clients to come up with the best plan that suits both their budget and their timeline while transforming their home into a perfectly used space.  PJ has a team of individuals that can help with any level of renovation.  PJ will supervise and monitor progress to help keep things on schedule and on budget.

Some services Pejman Shirzadi provide to his Seller Clients:

Comparative Market Analysis: Pejman Shirzadi provides CMA reports using current listing price data and past sold comparable property sales.

- Market Analyzation Search: By analyzing the competition Pejman Shirzadi provides his clients with a list that they can use to make improvements and set a competitive listing price.
Marketing Plan: Pejman Shirzadi has mastered a marketing plan that includes online marketing and social media for every type of property in Los Angeles real estate markets. Learn more about Pejman Shirzadi's marketing services.
- The Correct List Pricing: Thorough CMA reports Pejman Shirzadi will help sellers value their properties with realistic market expectations because the last thing a seller wants is there property to seat in the market forever.

Price Negotiations: Pejman Shirzadi is trained to perform professional marketing and property valuation and that means you’ll be seeing a buyer with a contract soon. 

Selling Your Home?
If you are considering selling your home—now or even months down the road—don’t wait to find out how to get the most for your home and get it sold in the shortest amount of time possible. Click Here and Fill out our quick form and Pejman Shirzadi will send you some free information on the home-selling process and how to get started.